why wordpress?

i guess it’s better late than never.

i planned on starting a wordpress back when i hit level 130, which was back in july. why i didnt? i suppose i was hesitant, questioning why i wanted to blog about the life of a sniper. i admit, this project would have been best if it had started the day oMS came out, the day LordUhai came into existence – but how was i supposed to know i’d end up here?

to be honest, i never expected to be where i am today in maplestory. i remember back in the beta days, it took an eternity to hit level 36 on a page, yet somehow over the course of nearly three years, i’ve mustered 134 long levels in this seemingly endless game. maplestory was my second online game, and i never figured i could be the one who could help others, to be at that level where my opinion could be respected among people i’ve never met in real life. yet through making my level 120& 130 videos, i’ve realized that there isnt a lot sniper influence in the oMS community, and a short video and little advice can go a long way. there’s only so much you can post on sleepywood, so much you can tell people ingame, and i feel that wordpress is a good place to turn all the information and experience i’ve passed along into a permanent source.

so let me be crystal clear. i am not doing this for personal glory. you wont see many posts based on LordUhai, but rather things i’ve seen and experienced from a sniper’s perspective that others could benefit from. so come here expecting to see more insight into the sniper class (i.e. personal thoughts on skills) and less about my typical day (i.e. today i went to zakum. it was great).

for some reason, i’m almost excited about this. this will be the guide i’ve always wanted to write, the insight i’ve always wanted to pass along. i’ve always felt that guides were just huge projects that needed to be complete before submitted. with wordpress, i can write whatever i want as events unfold, as times change.

i’m still trying to figure out how wordpress functions, so excuse the lack of content. anyways, i’m out xd



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Jackk says:

    And you never told me about this? Shame on you. I had to find out through a French Maple Story forum link on Josh’s blog.

  2. Free RPG says:

    awesome to have a blog from a players point of view

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