the most important stat.

okay, i’ll admit it. i’m half a stat whore. i love being able to do a lot of damage and am eager to see how i compare with others like myself. it was always about how much dex, strength, and weapon attack i had. yet while looking at maplestory and the bowman class, i realize that these are not nearly as important as the ones i’m about to bring up.

with 4th job on the distant horizon, i realized that dex and strength are not important. the most important stat in my opinion has changed to one’s level. though level’s can be achieved easier now with double experience, this is by far the most difficult stat to raise. with gachapon and the new card game, it’s easier for people who focus on dex and strength to upgrade by using their not-so-free mesos to mass scroll items. thankfully (though i often complain and whine for one), there is no cash shop item equivalent to pokemon’s rare candy. levels determine skill points, and any level above 120 gets you that much closer to maxing your new skill (assuming you find the skill books…)

as some of you may know, there are threads in the’s bowman section comparing the normal stats (dex/strength/weapon attack). i admit that i used to be really into that, that i’d spend a lot of time marketing only to break things in an attempt to climb higher on the lists. but then i realized, if i scroll a 130/7 casa, i still have to work for my levels. sure it may shave a shot or two off a goby house, but it’s still going to take a lot of time to work for that next level.

i’ve never really kept track of the total time it took me to reach level 134.8, and i know that number wouldnt be pretty. but here’s my advice to all aspiring bowman out there. it’s hard to be “godly” because there is always going to be someone out there with a piece of equipment better than yours. though dex, strength, and weapon attack are important (no matter what, it’s still fairly important to me), none of these stats can compare to levels. what’s the use in being the godliest archer, but only level 90? what are you going to do when 4th job comes out?

my advice? double experience. yes, i know some dont have access to nexon cash and my heart goes out to those without that luxury, but to be blunt, double experience is worth it. Three hours of work at minimum wage in California can save you dozens of hours of life if you’re willing to put aside 4 hours a day/weekend to leveling up your character. with that three hours of work, that’s a potential 28 hours saved every week if you maximize your double experience. come on, three hours versus a potential 112 hours saved. now i’m not saying throw your lives away for double experience, because i do not believe in social suicide, but that $20 can save you a lot of time, even if you only use half of your double experience.

this game consumes enough time as it is. if you’re going to put a lot of time into this game, it might as well be into the endless mindless grinding that this game entails, not free marketing and breaking equips. with or without double experience, you will be furthering your goal towards 3rd and 4th job.

*side note* ~ charms are a life saver, especially when you climb up into 10x+.
1 hour of work = $7.50
1 hour of training = 10% (or less…or much less)
70 cents > 10%/1 hour of your life.
$7.50 saves a potential 10+ hours of life.

anyways i’ll probably talk about the stat that people overlook the most, which is ranked right after levels in my opinion in my next entry. until then…



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  1. B0WJOB says:

    I like the composition of the picture on your banner :o
    nice blog dude, some French dude mentioned your blog and
    that’s how I found it x]

    i’ve never cared too much about my stat.
    Let me rephrase that. I have a 5 int bast stat
    but I was never worried about it.
    The way I see it is I get more int (more mana)
    therefore longer sexiness from Hurricane xD

    x2 exp really is a big thing…
    I think the trainers are glad that it exists =]

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