the stats people take for granted

sorry guys, i realize it’s been a while. i shouldnt even be on this because i have to write a 12-15 paper on Israeli-US relations but i felt that updating this would be a more productive break than the other ones i’ve taken the past week.

the stats that are often overlooked and underrated are jump and speed. though it doesnt affect damage range, it helps you deal the most damage in a efficient manner. as far as i know, i’m the only bowman who enjoys haste like conditions in aqua. i’ve designed my skill build to optimize both speed and jump because i think mobility (or lack thereof) is the reason why people quit their archers.

you cant deny it. you envy the mage’s teleport and the hermits flash jump/haste. why? because they can cover a lot more ground than you could ever dream of (walking down that long corridor in orbis for ships comes to mind. i hate how hermits fj and mages tele. right past me and i end up missing the boat ;-;). the reason why many people find bowman to be weak is because of our lack of mobility and HP. there’s not much you can do about HP, but with a proper build and insightful planning, haste is easily attainable for most bowman. people do acknowledge speed at times, particularly when buying a weapon, but i dont think it receives enough credit when it comes to aiding the damage process.

i know many people do not have access to nxcash and that many people think it’s pointless paying for anything in this game, but 2xp, charms, and pet make things so much easier for something somebody spends so much time on. i guess what i’m getting at is the importance of a pet, well, the pet items. i’m the kind of person who wants to maximize every second of training (especially during 2xp), and a pet helps in numerous ways. the item that is scrollable is a free 7-14 speed/jump. in the past i’ve scrolled 6 speed and 12 speed kargo wings, and boy was the difference noticeable when i switched over. thrust allows many bowman to scroll their pet for jump instead, giving them the illusion of haste (this is what i do). the capability of looting also saves tons of time for obvious reasons. after all, who wants to be spamming the __ button when they could be killing another goby house in the same amount of time?

anyways i’ll show you guys how i managed to basically obtain haste.
24 speed (12 thrust) + 3 speed (overall) + 2 speed (shoe) + 11 speed (casa) = 138% speed
16 jump (shoes) = 116% jump
this is without a scrolled pet item. i would only need 3 60% pet jump and 1 60% pet speed to achieve basic haste.

anyways i think i’m going to go back to my paper.



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  1. urbanways says:

    Hi Uhai, This is quite random but i found you blog off a blog which linked to a site with your blog… yea quite long lol but basically I just wanted to tell you that I think your an inspiration to all bowmen in MS. Personally I want to make a bowman also but at the moment I am Pursuing my interest in a Blunt Weapon Page which I hope will eventually be a White Knight.

    Basically i just wanted to tell you that I will from now on be one of your fans lol so make sure to up date =P and if you have time take a look at my blog sometimes it’ll talk about MS too.


  2. B0WJOB says:

    my previous comment didn’t get approved ? O_o

    oh well =/

  3. B0WJOB says:

    oops. sorry wrong blog xD

  4. Lance (CronoRegen) says:

    Did Jackk give you crap about your points in Thrust? lol

  5. Jackk says:

    Nope, I didnt give him any crap about thrust… or did I? I dont remember. Anthony’s given me his explanation on it and it makes sense so… yeah. No crap given D:

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