in light of a new year

well i guess i’ll start off the new year by apologizing for not updating this as often as i should. i’ve been busy with 2x and holiday season, but as break comes to an end, i guess i’ll have a moment of reflection while presenting what i will try to get accomplished here in the following year.

i know i brought up earlier that 2x is indeed worth it if you are working. over break with two sets of 2x cards (my 30 day 7-11pm starting december 2, and my 10 7-11am day starting december 27), i’ve realized that 2xp, or maplestory in general, has helped me overcome a real life problem many people face.

having a long attention span xd

it’s amazing how time flies for me in the course of something tedious or slightly boring. SAT reasoning? wow that sure went by fast, yet all my friends come out moaning about how long a four hour test is. Church (only sometimes, i have to admit, it’s not always exciting)? things are over almost right after it starts. i think maplestory has helped me develop the ability to pay attention to something for a long period of time. i used to think four hours of 2x was so long, yet all of a sudden i found myself doing 2x twice a day (and at 7am i might add, might as well maximize my break..)

anyways, this is probably pretty boring for you guys, so i’ll present some goals for the coming year.

1. the first thing i want to do is analyze all the third job skills based on what i’ve seen and experienced for the past..69 levels. i want to add insight on how, when, and where (dont expect a fat guide) certain skills can be used to their full potential based on my own experience

2. as many of you know, 4th job is right around the corner coming January 15. i’ll also be doing the same thing as with the 3rd job skills, only these posts will probably be more extensive and detailed, since i’m experiencing everything for the first time again. i’m going to try to record my mistakes and successes, so others can avoid or follow my failure/conquest of leafre.

3. lastly, i’ve made the executive decision to not make a lvl 140 video. since i’m aiming for 140 in the next couple of days with 4th job on the horizon, i feel that a video made so soon will not do justice to a snipers 4th job experience. instead i’ve decided to get my skill books, explore leafre, and eventually churn out another 10 levels to make a lvl 150 video. hopefully with the new leafre maps, training wont be so hard. however, i might not be able to find the time for maplestory in the spring because both tennis and basketball seasons are starting.

anyway, happy new years to you all. i’ll try to get the 3rd job skill analysis up this week if the homework load isnt too bad. then again, i might buy more 2x (i’ve also worked a lot during break so i have a lot of spare cash) and try to crank out as many levels before i get overwhelmed with sports. i suppose that 10k from the ascendancy pie victory will help me out.

be excited for 4th job.
but not too excited.
because leveling is a pain in the butt.
and you need levels to enjoy 4th job.



5 Comments Add yours

  1. B0WJOB says:

    Sounds exciting :O

  2. Zankarst says:

    so I heard Anarii ks’d you?

    what’s the situation there? =p

  3. urbanways says:

    Nice post once again. Just a point out your posts are currently not categorized and is pretty easy to fix just edit your post and on the right hand side you can untick the “uncategorized” box and add in new categorizes which might help add to your fan base from tag surfers.

    BTW i was just wondering what are you views on 4th job? have you started figuring out the builds and what not for 4th job yet? and do you feel that 4th job will open new doors to either training or Boss battling? Lol I know these are pretty extensive and random questions but I just thought it might be something interesting for you to write about.

  4. lorduhai says:

    ah, it’s a pretty long story to why anarii/veng started ksing me and my guild. basically reVeng wanted to run during the game sponsored 2xp (potential 4xp) and tried to go during our time slot. we beat them to it, and they claim we “crashed” them, starting a ks war.

    thanks for the tip urbanways.

    my views on 4th job? i’m pumped. assuming i can get the books i want (my build is reasonable, in regards to obtaining the skill books), i’ll be very happy

    i hit 140 today :)

    my skill build will be tentatively this.
    63 points (atm anyways)
    9 Maple Warrior
    1 Dragon Pulse
    9 Sharp Eyes
    18 Mastery
    1 Articuno
    21 pierce

    3 extra points for whatever. maybe one in snipe, 2 in pierce. it all really depends on how fast i can get the level 20 Sharp Eyes book, since it’s supposedly really hard to get.

  5. Jackk says:

    Anthony, how does the Thanksgiving hat look? Im curious, lol.

    As for videos and whatnot, I’ll respect that decision and wait longer for it xP I remember you complaining about how I had all these youtube views. I checked up on you the other day and you’re at a not very shabby 50k xP

    Regarding 4th job, I dont think the lvl 20 sharp Eyes book should be important. From what Im reading on sw, everyone’s talking of leaving Sharp Eyes at 9 anyways because of the timer and not for the damage boost. They say that mastery boosts your dmg more than sharp eyes does so… yeah. Just saying what Ive been reading. We havent talked in a while since Ive quit D: I really should get on aim more often, lol


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