4th pushed back :(

ah, first of all i’d like to say i’m sorry for not getting the skill analysis up. i’ve been busy with other social things in my life and studying for finals. anyway, as 4th approaches, i thought i’d just give a couple of pre-4th thoughts that i have had.

1. wow, i have one more very big reason to be thankful that i’m in ascendancy. as very few of you know, i would have quit maplestory for a very long time if i had not found another fun able-quipped guild (previously was in ACFalcons, followed by [A]drenaline, then went guild hopping). by no means am i implying that i’m using the guild, but the family effect and trust within a high level guild, i feel, is almost a godsend to my potential early into 4th job. we’ve agreed for the most part, that skill books would be shared among everyone before selling to someone else. i know a lot of top archers are in very friendly guilds, but i also know a lot of 12x who are not, which could hamper their progress in 4th job. i guess it also helps that i’m a crossbowman, one of two able to use 4th job books right away (120+). hopefully things will work out and i can start running to 150 with relative ease (:

2. here’s just a pet peeve of mine. people who discuss and plan for 4th job that arent even close to experiencing the potential power and damage. i’m not trying to say that i’m elitist, but i really wish that people could level their own characters instead of sitting on a forum talking about something that’s not easy to obtain. with 2x cards, levels are not nearly as hard to get compared to when i was leveling to 120, but i know even with 2x, it requires a certain amount of dedication and time to enjoy 4th job. a lot of people dont seem to realize that 4th is just beginning at level 120, and you need to be near 140-150 with skillbooks to start really having fun as an archer again. in scania, there are around 25-30 archers that are over 140, with much fewer of those being crossbowman. i know that bowman play a pivotal role in the new party era that 4th brings, and i’d like to see nubs and friends join me in enjoying 4th job.

3. here’s my hopeful 140 build..
63 total points
– 9 maple warrior
– 1 dragon pulse
– 9 sharp eyes
– 18 mastery
– 1 articuno
– 21 pierce
– 3 extra points, considering 1 in snipe and saving up. things will change if i get the lvl 20 sharp eyes book early though.

4. oh yeah, i decided to make a 140 video (i forgot that’s where a lot of my time has gone). it’ll have three parts (not three separate videos).
– pre-140 damage [done]
– some footage of the 4th job advance
– post 4th job advance damage with some new skills.

it should be pretty good, though getting the skillbooks for my preferred build might be tougher than i thought.

anyways, i’m going to be busy studying so i can dedicate a little more time to 4th whenever it comes out. finals are next week..



3 Comments Add yours

  1. Jackk says:


    I told them it’d be pushed back but noooo, they all call me idiots and an admin bans my thread for “spreading depressing rumors” D: Oh well, lol.

  2. Zankarst says:

    sup? :3

    screw 4th, i’m gonna enjoy my time as a 3rd job class.

    to be honest, i dont even know if i’ll even reach 120 so i’m not gonna bother discussing about it til i actually DO get there.

    (this also means i can sit back and let you 120+ archers be my guinea pigs and find good builds for me while i take my sweeeet time getting to 120! :3 )

  3. CraZykAi says:

    LOL @ jack, sux for u~

    and kinda surprised ur still playing anthony, it’s been so long.. well anyways, ttyl in game when I’m not afk o_o

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