first day with 4th job

well after day 1, i must admit that i was surprised and disappointed with many things about the “marksman” 4th job. here’s a quick overview on what i think of the skills that i have so far.

current build:
9 maple hero
9 expertise
9 sharp eyes
10 pierce
1 dragon pulse
1 articunoo

maple hero
there’s not much to say about maple hero. it’s a really useful skill and the timer is excellent at level 9. as of now, i have no regrets putting points into it. here’s an example of how helpful hero is to boost damage range. keep in mind that i did not add my 5 free AP points yet because i’m thinking about hp washing when i get the chance to head to target.

with no war pill/hero: 2366~3683
with hero: 2468~3843
with war pill: 2574~4008
with hero/war pill: 2686~4183

yeah, definitely no regrets here.

Sharp Eyes
i know this was said over and over again, but sharp eyes is what really defines 4th job for bowman. hitting 12k with strafes on monsters you’d actually train on is amazing – basically with hero and sharp eyes, you have a damage range higher than if you had an apple before 4th job came out. i’ve had random people come up to me and ask for it. i’ve had guildmates requesting me to come (usually i’m the one asking for a party). it’s quite a welcome change, and i hope archers are willing to share it with people. HOWEVER…

there is one major downside to sharp eyes in my opinion, and that flaw lies in the level 9 timer. my goodness, you are going to be casting often. it gets really annoying to even cast it for yourself after 90 seconds – you could imagine the annoyance in a party..

basically, having two more buffs is amazing and a hindrance at the same time. stopping to cast five buffs (warrior pill, soul arrow, booster, maple hero, and sharp eyes) with different timers is just blehhh (especially when sharks dispel you, oh gosh).

frankly put? pierce is garbage at level 10, and i cant see it being useful even when maxed. this was my main disappointment with the marksman 4th job. i was optimistic about it, but it really seems you have to have 21 points in it for you to even start considering to use it. i was exploring leafre for a bit by myself, and i never found myself using pierce because it was useful in the situation, but because i just wanted to give it a test run. in leafre, things come at you hard and fast, not giving you any time to charge up your laz0r. how often am i going to have the luxury of sitting back and charging and conveniently hitting six monsters for optimum damage? probably never. i’m honestly considering putting points into the next skill i’m talking about instead of pierce.

i’m in love with our new bird. although one second freeze is short, it gets the job done doing damage. i’d guestimate and say it does between 4-7k damage, and it has been the difference between two and three strafes to bring down a monster numerous times (strafe damage is really hawt, yet unpredictable at the same time). i’d much rather have a free freezing mob attacker hovering over my head than a puny laser anyday. with strafe being a marksman main attack until 200 (or so i’ve heard), articuno compliments it much better than pierce ever will. another plus about articuno? nibs love it!

Dragon Pulse/Dragon Breath
this was another surprising skill for me. i always assumed that i’d always be strafing, and that using dragon pulse would be a waste of a shot, but it’s the complete opposite. i swear, articuno and dragon pulse were meant for each other – they seem to compliment each other very well. i’m finding myself using it everywhere because it’s comforting having a long distance between you and a monster. i think it’s necessary to have 21 dragon pulse in order to make pierce useful in the long run.

Expertise/Marksman Boost
some of you may be wondering why level 9? expertise is going to be the first skill i want near maxed in the near future, so i figured why not add the points now for the extra attack? the 70% mastery rate and +3 weapon attack are always welcome in my book!

anyways, i’m going to explore some more. finals were over today, and i have some time to kick back and enjoy leafre. i’m planning on buying a 10 day 2xp drop card today to further my chances of getting lvl 20 SE and the book for snipe. that snipe book is going to be a pain in the butt to find..

until then ladies, find me ingame or leave a comment here.



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  1. Jackk says:

    Under Pierce: First line, Im guessing you meant I cant SEE it being useful. Missing a word there, you might want to fix it xP

    T> Naming rights for my phoenix for naming rights to your icey bird!

  2. Psudoki2 says:

    today i discovered the ultimate use for a low lev pierce, in the map, “destroyed dragon’s nest” the middle platform with the two jr newts. when you kill both it takes a while to respawn, usually about 5 secs, plenty enough time to charge your pierce the sec you see them start to fade into existence release, i did this with a lev 6 pierce and did 9.8K damage to both minimum, and about 21K damage at max, either way you slice it, its good. Because you get an atk to both in about .5 secs that would have normally been spent waiting for a respawn, this has shaven 1 strafe from each newt on avg. so instead of 4 strafes each using this method i kill em in 3 strafes each, and just rinse and repeat. This new method i realized today sped up my solo training by about 40% and is godly in a party, ppl in the party stare in awe at how fast i kill them, MUCH FASTER THAN A BOWMASTER who has lev 15 SOA.

    So there you go, Pierce does not suck even in the lower levs, its great, just gotta know how to use it. If you guys find any other good spots for a low lev pierce let me know!

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