marksman boost, 1st snipe point

this is the only skill that i can truly give a decent analysis on, because i have 27 points currently placed in marksman boost. i also did the snipe quest today thanks to Matt (Gaiagamer) <3

quick background information:

  • bought lvl 20 marksman boost for 5mil towards the end of 140, worked
  • bought lvl 30 marksman boost this morning for 15 mil, worked
  • Gaiagamer found the book from sharks for me which allowed me to do the snipe quest.

anyway, let’s start off looking at marksman 20. to be honest, i didnt notice too much of a difference with my damage. i’ve found that weapon attack, or small additions in dex, doesnt really matter anymore because with sharp eyes, damage is very unstable and it’s hard to tell what your minimum and maximum damage is. i cant speak for the rest of the books, but i think this is a must have, since marksman 30 is well…

…amazing. simply amazing. when it worked this morning before school, i was pretty excited. when Matt told me he found another book for me, i was really happy, because most 120+ archers know that sharks arent fun (i dont know what i hate more, slow or dispel…). spending some time at kargos looking for those dark orb thingys for the insignificant being had me doing double takes (okay, it’s an exaggeration but you get my point). all my critical arrows within my strafes were over 10k. when i say all, i mean all. it’s amazing what three more weapon attack and 10% mastery can do. then i thought, “well victorian monsters usually have crappy defense. i bet things will be different in leafre.” well, things didnt change much. although this doesnt apply to all of leafre, this is directly applicable to jr. newties and nest golems. i saw my first strafe arrow do under 10k an hour after i arrived at jr newties and nest golems. the 10k+ with criticals were still the norm, and i ended up seeing three critical’d arrows that hit for around 9500 an arrow. anyways, i’d say make marksman boost a top priority because it is worth it.

quick recap on the snipe quest. this thing made me wish i had bought some of those VIP rocks during the halloween and thanksgiving sales. there is a lot pointless traveling, but thankfully you’re compensated with excellent quest experience. but wow, if you thought finding that darn book from sharks were bad, you’re in for another patience tester finding the dark orb thingy’s for the insignificant being. those things are a PAIN to find. i followed the method that Matt thought worked best, which was killing an entire kargo map, and then CC’ing and repeating. i found 5 in like, 20 minutes, and that’s not even an exaggeration. thankfully i had 2x drop, and after dinner i managed to find 45 in around an hour’s time, which still felt like quite a long time. snipe is fun at first, i mean, who doesnt enjoy seeing 95k+ damage with one skill point? however the fun quickly dies because well, you can only have fun for around three seconds every five minutes. i can see this being a very practical skill in the near future though. it’s a pity lvl 30 snipe drops from horntail T_T

anyways, i hope to be doing some grinding now that i’ve got all my skills and near-advanced mastery.

here’s a quick look at my build before i end.
1 dragon pulse
1 articunooo/frostprey
1 snipe
9 maple hero
10 pierce
10 sharp eyes
27 marksman boost
7 extra points

anyways, i’m out. maplestory is actually starting to become FUN again.



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