lvl 140 video is OUT.

yay? i’ll edit in my sleepywood post once it gets approved by the mods. i dont feel like typing all that stuff over again.


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  1. David. says:

    Your Damage went freaking insane after what was it sharp eyes?
    or was it Crossbow expertise?
    Im Glad i chose Crossbows over bows now
    Thank you for giving amazing inspiration :]

  2. Xiyuuna says:

    ^_^ 4th Job was the biggest power boost any archer could have gotten.

    I’m going to link to your blog.

  3. shymayhem says:

    wow. what a crazy power increase

  4. Jan says:

    Best video iv ever seen!!

  5. Jan says:

    one question: lvl 20 marksman boost -lvl 10 sharpeyes > or < lvl 10marksman boost -lvl 20 sharp eyes

  6. Jackk says:

    Even when your SW post got approved, you still dont post the details/info here xP

  7. Uri says:

    Hey, just wondering the name of the song

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