sorry it’s been so long since i’ve updated this thing. i’ve been quite busy as of late, with tennis season starting this past week and a lot of grinding ingame. looks like that lvl 150 video might be out a lot sooner than i expected, seeing how i’m already lvl 144.

a lot has happened since my last post, with the bulk of the goodies coming within the last two days. for some reason piercing arrow 20 has been nearly impossible to find since 4th job came out. i failed one that my friend found and gave to me, but that was the only one i had seen for the three weeks 4th job has been out. i would owl for piercing arrow 20 at least twice a day, if not more.

but FINALLY, my luck broke through and my owl produced some results (btw i love how owls dont disappear if the item you’re looking for doesnt show up). i found one in a shop for a meager 8mil which made me happy seeing how idiots who dont know bowman prices are putting snipe 20 up for like, 50mil. i bought it and it worked, and then the following lvl 30 piercing arrow also worked. i remember saying pierce was garbage at 10, i must say, i’m in love with it at it’s current level (23).

well today (this morning) i finally found a reasonable seller for lvl 20 sharp eyes. to be honest, i never pictured myself buying sharp eyes, determined not to support the insane 100 mil+ prices that greedy scanians demanded, but this one was too good to pass up so i decided to give in. with lots of people willing to shell out 120+mil, 75 mil was definitely a bargain. thank goodness i found blast 20, or i would have never been able to afford it. i contemplated selling it for profit or using it, and in the end shut my eyes and double clicked the thing and..

.. it worked <3

unfortunately for me, i’m out of SP and with two amazing skills to begin pumping, you can be sure i’ll be leveling in a hurry. the level 150 video should be out surprisingly soon, because my imagination tells me that pierce 30 and sharp eyes 20 will be worth every level. oh, and i also have an sharp eyes 30 book laying around that i got for free that will hopefully work once i get 15 in sharp eyes.

so sorry for the slow updates, but i’m assuming a lot of people are eagerly waiting for the 150 movie. by 150 i should have at least 18-20 SE and hopefully maxed pierce (though i hear you d/c if you do over 100k with pierce..).

i’ll try to reupdate my opinion on 4th job skills another time, maybe when i’m at school doing nothing in newspaper class. i’m going to be pressed for time with tennis season starting and maple grinding. oh shoot, basketball season starts in a month too. anyways until next time..



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  1. B0WJOB says:

    A bowmaster friend of mine bought SE 20 for about 50- mil
    (price was around 70 mil last time i heard…which was last week)

    GRATS that it worked. it’d be PAINFUL if it didn’t.

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