4th job revisited

okay there really isnt a good excuse for why i havnt updated this thing in awhile. i guess the last time i updated was the last time i really was intensely playing this game. i swear i’ll get back into it.. eventually. anyway i forgot i had this typed up a while ago, but forgot to post it, so here goes. this is a look at the marksman 4th job at level 150 @

Marksman Boost (level 30)
Although i was fortunate enough to have points saved to max boost right away, i still cannot stress how important it is to put a fair amount of points in early on. Basically i got 10 boost, 20 boost, and then 29 boost all in the same level since i passed the books at different times, and the difference is amazing. i never realized the important of minimum damage until i saw that my lowest strafes went from 7k to 10k.
The stability that Marksman Boost offers is something that cannot be overlooked. Although i know that night lords move and throw faster than we shoot, watching them hit anywhere between 5k and 20k with triple throw is laughable when compared to my 9k-14k at skelegons. There’s something about stability that makes me happy and Marksman Boost greatly helps with that, and even offers passive weapon attack as a bonus.

Sharp Eyes (level 27)
What is there to really say about Sharp Eyes? I love it, everyone loves it. Unlike Marksman Boost, i couldnt see the immediate change between level 10, 20, and 30, but i do know that the difference is very noticable among my peers, who party bowman with level 10 Sharp Eyes and then me with 25. As many of you know, the worst thing about level 10 Sharp Eyes is the lame timer. Basically anything that lasts longer than Holy Symbol is a huge plus for parties and yourself. A longer timer allows you to focus more on training and bossing rather than making sure your entire party has a damage boost.
I’ve heard people say that anything past level 1 for Sharp Eyes is for timer, but the +13% also helps a lot. If you can afford or find a level 20 book, i’d pump SE in a heart beat because it makes life easier for everyone in your party including yourself.

Pierce (level 24)
Why level 24? Well, I didnt pass my Sharp Eyes book until a good 25% after i passed my level 30 book because i figured i wouldnt have Sharp Eyes for a long time soooo…
Basically Pierce is a lot of fun. It’s very useful at skelegons and newties, and there’s something about one hit killing a mob of gobies that brings a smile to my face. Pierce is a skill that takes a while to get used to and that in most cases, needs to be complemented by Dragon Pulse. Basically you need to be able to jump shoot forward using Dragon Pulse to successfully mob monsters (especially skelegons at top and bottom). ALthough people think that the three second charge is a waste of time, if the mob is big enough, it’s a huge time saver. The huge numbers are very satisfying, and i have yet to DC when using Pierce, probably because i’m too weak. Regardless Pierce does a good job distinguishing marksman from bowmasters and i am very satisfied with a Pierce that hits six monsters.

Dragon Pulse (level 1)
Meh, a skill that complements Pierce very well and used to clear platforms so you can jump on them. Not much else to say here, besides that it’s almost useless at Jr. Newties (at least using the method that i use)

Snipe (level 1)
After maxing Sharp Eyes, I’m looking forward to trying to max Snipe, at least until they fix the archer glitch with Pierce. Now that Horntail is out and killable, Snipe 30 sounds very appealing, providing a one hit kill every 15 seconds. Even though most monsters will become a two hit k-0 during 15x, a quick kill on a monster spawning behind or on a distant platform provides for quick exp. I love Sniping at skelegons, and it also provides for a quick kill on Transformed Newties.

Frostprey (level 1)
Okay, i was gone all of spring break in Mexico and came back to some chaos about our birds being glitched. I heard that my beloved Articuno was glitched, but training yesterday didnt give me too much to worry about. I still love the free freeze and it’s good for finishing off monsters off a fully charged Pierce. Who doesnt love free damage? Basically Dragon Pulse, Snipe, and Frostprey are the best spent one skill point besides blizzard at third job.

Blind (level 0)
N/A. I’ve heard interesting reviews on this and look forward to testing this at level 1 sometime soon.

THERE WILL BE A LEVEL 150 VIDEO. I’M JUST BUSY WITH OTHER STUFF TO GET IT DONE. i took all the footage already, just havnt really found the time to edit everything in. i’d say it’s about 33% done at the moment, but AP’s are coming hard and fast!



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  1. Jannn says:

    Glad to have u back!

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