active again!?

that’s right, after like 4 months, i’m going to start leveling again.

there have been some minor updates in gear.
shoes were: 12/2
shoes now: 13/2

overall was: 30/7
overall now: 14/6 (lololo)

casa was: 116/3
casa now: 121/4

anyway i’m working on that overall. i had to pull some strings to get that beastly casa and i hope it pays off in the end. anyway, 150 video should be out very soon (within a week) and look for more constant updates now that i’m taking this game semi-seriously ingame now that summa’ has rolled around xd


One Comment Add yours

  1. Jannn says:

    Glad to have you back:D! I’m looking forward to your lvl 150 video!

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