a new direction

okay so i know it’s been like 6 months, and an update seems to be unnecessary for someone who has gotten 1 level in 6 months, but that is exactly why i’m finally putting some thoughts on the internet.

anyway, i’ve decided to convert this blog to fulfill a variety of my needs, and perhaps a couple of yours as well. by needs, i mean that there are some things that i cant hold in (i’m very good at having an opinion) or there are things that i am learning that i feel could be beneficial to readers. considering how my maplestory hiatus is a bit longer than previously anticipated, i’m planning on adding a couple more subjects that i can think and write about.

these include:
1. social commentary
2. theology food-for-thought
3. random opinions
4. the very very rare post about my daily life

since it’s been 6 months since i’ve posted, i figured i’d give you guys a quick summary of what’s gone on since my last post.

  • basically i had a short, yet long stint in excellent. i’m not too sure why i joined back in the day, perhaps the same reasons why i joined ascendancy 2 years ago. i thought i needed a change of scenery to keep me in this game, but i realized my loyalties lie with ascendance and have recently rejoined.
  • i was very inactive during my time with excllent, but i was definitely busy elsewhere.. in particular fMS, a private server that was shut down in the fall. it was a lot more fun at the time, and a suitable option for someone who just wanted to play in the small amounts of free time he had in the summer before college.
  • i am still pendantless. dont ask… i’m a combination of lazy and busy.
  • my gear is very outdated, but that’s okay.

now dont get me wrong, i havn’t completely phased my inner-marksman out quite yet. i still want to hit level 160 but i dont think that will happen until at least the summer. i hear there are skill updates that are coming, but i think i just enjoy making the videos for the sake of building up the marksman community. it’s things like this that wont let me quit quite yet (in addition to the great community of ascendance).

this is a message i received in my inbox on youtube. honestly, this guy makes the game much more dramatic than it actually is, but it’s kind of cute in it’s own weird way.

Hey Uhai, great videos you have here, and an awesome Marksman (you must have great friends, that PAC is unbelievable x.x). I have a little story to share, hopefully you have some time to read it, if not, that’s cool, but if you can, it would be appreciated.

Anyways. I’ve been playing Maple since the 3rd day of Beta. I’ve made tons of characters, world hopped for months and settled upon the release of Broa, where I made a Paladin. I eventually made another account, my main account which is the main purpose of my story. Well, recently training my new character (a Brawler, because we all love the high-damage bandwagon) I had become really impatient training my character. 2% a LMPQ was not enough, even though, as my immature demeanor could not realize, that was phenomenal for a character that level. Funds were running out, and I had made a stupid decision – I downloaded Howei’s rigged Meso Generator. When I had hopefully planned to get 500m to get my character back on track and buy my friend a Fairfrozen (a cheesy gift on my part, although he was nearing 90 a desperately poor) my computer got a virus which redirected the MapleStory website to *inappropriate* sites and my account was stolen.

So, now my main account stolen. Left with nothing but a stripped Paladin I’ve decided to start over. I’m getting my computer cleaned up, I’m remaking all my internet account stuffs, pretty much restarting EVERYTHING on the Internet.

And why? Because I’m making a Sniper, and I want him to be just like Uhai.

You are my inspiration, and I want to persevere, persist, and push this Crossbowman alll the way to 4th job.

Alllll because of you

So thank you for the inspiration, and keep fighting!

anyway, i’m interested to see the direction this blog will go. i already have some things in mind that i want to talk about and discuss, so expect things posts a little more frequent than once every six months

until then,
-anthony, the real person behind the digital character


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Fridtjov says:

    Awesome, good luck with it man. Wish you the best, your video’s are always inspiring to me (though I don’t play a marksman, I still think they are amazing)

  2. Avery says:

    Good luck with this site, and getting to 160. Without you, my marksman would still be probably non-existant.

    I’ll make sure to check up here weekly =)

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