The Scandal of Grace

It’s been a while since I’ve been able to sit down and listen through an entire sermon without interruption. Though I used this as an excuse to further procrastinate on my humanities core paper, I am very thankful i took an hour (it was between 2 a.m. and 3 a.m.) to listen to John MacArthur’s teaching.

This is a sermon that testifies to the disconnect between NT and American culture and how we can miss out on the magnitude of Jesus’ ministry because of our ignorance to the historical context.

jMac makes the case that if Jesus came today, he would be hated because he is too religious, too strict, and too intolerant. Makes sense right?

The obvious reality is that Christ was born 2000 years ago where he is charged with a much different crime. He was not religious enough, he broke too many rules, and not only tolerated but accepted the sinners of sinners.

The details can only be adequately expressed by jMac. The concept of the sermon in and of itself has profound implications. For myself, I knew that the death and resurrection of Christ is a scandal both in the past and present, but even in His short time of ministry he succeeded in turning the world upside down.

Here is the link. Download or listen if you can.

Speaking of scandals, here is another good sermon that addresses the paradigm-shattering view of the Gospel.



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