Summer Update

Summer is roughly half-way done, so here’s a small update on my life, since I don’t post very often … especially on things pertaining to myself.

Youth Sunday

Youth Sunday is when the youth of my church are able to take over the English service. This was only this past sunday, August 2nd, but now that it’s over, I feel like my Summer can finally begin. The reason being? I had the incredible privelege and honor to open and bring forth God’s word to a congregation that has had a huge impact (perhaps greater than what I will ever understand) in my personal walk with the Lord. Preparing and delivering was a great experience and my appreciation for what pastor’s around the world do every week has increased.

I am by no means the most eloquent person and I was a bit unorganized, but if you feel like listening, you can find it here. The main passage was Malachi 1:6-8. If it doesn’t make sense, at least fastfoward to the end (30 minutes in) because that is the most important part. [I feel like my voice is different. Oh, and the closing song is ‘Let My Words be Few’]

Here are a couple things I learned.

  1. 35 minutes is not enough time for much of anything. I had to cut out a ton of notes and the content of the message ended up being radically different than what I initially envisioned. I realized when listening to myself that I had to talk fast…to finish on time. How pastors condense all their material into such a small frame without massive revisions is beyond me. I had a conversation with Pastor Joe that went like this.
    Me: How do you manage to fit everything in 35 minutes?
    Pastor Joe: You don’t.
    I went over by around 5 minutes. Go figure.
  2. Eyecontact with the audience is overrated if you lose track of your notes. Translation: I skipped over stuff.
  3. Speaking is incredibly beneficial for personal growth. To study God’s word so closely for a prolonged period of time forces you to engage in a commitment you wouldn’t ordinarily put yourself through. I already knew this, but not on this stage. Looking forward to August 28th though; the John passage should be interesting.

Katherine Locke

My new sister is pretty cool. She’s a lot of fun to be with and she lightens the mood around the house. Unfortunately, I don’t have as many opportunities to play and bond with her partly because of my business and mostly due to my mother ball-hogging her. I don’t think my mom trusts anyone with Katherine except herself. If you remember my summer goals, I’ve learned how to change a diaper (but I have yet to put it into practice). If you want more pictures or updates you can check out my father’s blog. There are a bunch of pictures and my dad is pretty funny.

Piano Improv

This is going a lot better than I thought it was. I guess Certificate of Merit (CM) wasn’t such a waste of time after all since I had to take all those 5-6 page theory tests. I should have learned this when I took lessons because it is infinitely more applicable and beneficial than reading classical music. I can play nearly any worship song, actually more like any song, as long as I have the chords.

Click the pictures to enlarge.


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  1. aaronchoi says:

    hahah she’s beautiful man. =)

  2. aaronchoi says:

    i showed tina now she wants to have a baby. good job.

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