That stands for “reason to be happy”. It’s a high school thang.

Today, August 14th, has been an interesting day, a combination of reflection, encouragement, and perhaps a new goal. God is good. Perhaps you will benefit from the resources and experiences I’ve been exposed to as well.

  • I started to break in my new pair of rainbows that I received as a gift from a close friend who has encouraged me so much these past two years <3
  • Recently I’ve changed the way to how I approach daily reading. I’m three days into a system that (hopefully) enables more retention, less busywork, and greater understanding. Josh Lee and I have recently began taking the supposed “pastoral” approach to reading the New Testament, a system that is modeled in particular by John MacArthur. I must say, it’s a very interactive way of studying the bible. Everytime you read through a portion of scripture, different things stand out yet the overarching themes and structure of the book does not change while general comprehension increases. I think it’s loads better than my old habit of reading through a small portion of scripture and trying to study it while remembering nothing a week later. I’m trying to get into the habit of reading through all of 1 Peter out loud in the morning, preferably when I wake up and again in the evening. Hopefully I’ll be able to read through 1 Peter 40-50 times and get a stronger grasp of the book before Josh and I move to Ephesians in September. Tis’ fun.
  • I emailed Pastor Aaron inquiring about a system of marking up the bible. I figure with a new system of reading, I should have a new way of physically interacting with the text. I recently bought a new wide-margin NASB with the intent of marking it up, but I had no system in mind. I’m thinking of marking commandments, promises to hope in, attributes of the Gospel, and well, I don’t quite know yet. However PA mentioned in his email about a blank bible. At first I was a bit confused, but after looking into it, I think it has potential to be a fantastic tool that has lifetime potential, assuming the house doesn’t flood or burn. The idea is to somehow build your own bible where you can add paper for your own notes. There is no possible way you can run out of space, because you simply open your binder and add more paper. If you look at the link, some guys have added two pages of paper for every page of the bible; this guy’s bible is eleven volumes and nine inches thick! The bible isn’t nearly as complicated to make as they make it sound, well at least the tablesaw part. You can buy loose-leaf sheets at a semi-decent price which costs about as much as a bible to cut up and physical labor costs or even print it out yourself. Imagine looking back at your notes from 5-10, maybe even 30-40 years. To constantly be studying and adding to material and building on older thoughts; this could provide for great times of reflection in the future. This is a project that I would be interested in pursuing before the end of summer. What’s even more amazing to me is that my dad had an unopened loose-leaf NASB laying around the house. It’s not your standard 8″ by 11″, but the fact that my dad can seemingly pull resources out of thin air is pretty cool. If only I saw him reading his bible rather than watching anime all the time…
  • Today’s meeting at BASIC (Brothers and Sisters in Christ) was really encouraging to me for a number of reasons.
  1. First, I tip my hat to Kevin Hom, who was our speaker. He’s a member of the college group, a couple years older than me, and despite his supposed nervousness, he did a solid job covering John 6:59-71. I am constantly amazed in the faith that our ministry has in the youth that it raises up. We have so many student run ministries, or at least very hands-off adult-run youth programs. It allows for students to take over a Sunday service once a year and for the next month (including today), all the speakers for college group will be from people who attend college group. It’s not like we don’t have the option of bringing in other adults, elders, or pastors, but it’s a choice the college cabinet exercises. Ryan Chang speaks next friday, I speak on the 28th, and Josh Lee is speaking the first week of September. I don’t think I’ll ever have an opportunity to serve in such a capacity in Irvine.
  2. We had a brief share time when we split up into groups and were able to share what we’ve been learning and reading the past week. I was with Jeremiah Lee and Mike Lee. Seeing Mike’s diligence in finishing his book on leadership is encouraging seeing that he is serving on Core for CCM next year. It definitely spurs me on to pursue the knowledge of God in the Word and in books written by godly men.
  3. The conversation after the meeting ended was a healthy balance of an assortment of God-centered conversation. During our Wednesday guy’s group known as soldiers, we discussed what defines good biblical fellowship. My conversations with Ryan Chang and Ryan Yee definitely encouraged me; I love seeing guys who genuinely love God and take great joy in what He is doing in their lives and in the ministry. I walked away from that fellowship with a desire to love and pursue God more. It’s quite a feeling and something I admit, I don’t feel too often. I suppose that’s on me…I need to be more keen on seeing God working through all people.
  • The day ends with a quote from my readings, Wayne Grudem’s Systematic Theology, more specifically, the chapter coined “The Creation of Man”.

Our Great Dignity as Bearers of God’s Image. It would be good for us to reflect on our likeness to God more often. It will probably amaze us to realize that when the Creator of the universe wanted to created something “in his image,” something more like himself than all the rest of creation, he made us. This realization will give us a profound sense of dignity and significance as we reflect on the excellence of all the rest of God’s creation: the starry universe, the abundant earth, the world of plants and animals, and the angelic kingdoms are remarkable, even magnificent. But we are more like our creator than any of these things. We are the culmination of God’s infinitely wise and skillful work of creation. Even though sin has greatly marred that likeness, we nonetheless now reflect much of it and shall even more as we grow in likeness to Christ.


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  1. Francesca says:

    How did I JUST see this post? Thanks for making MY day… even though it’s 7 months later :)

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