Misc. Thoughts + Tumblr

  • I logged into Maplestory this week and I realize that it takes me 60 million less experience to level up. Did they change the ratios? I’m very tempted to get my four levels back since skelegon maps are easier to come by. Speaking of making this game easier, vicious hammers? Nexon sure knows how to milk their customers. Is there a general consensus that nine dollars is worth the two extra slots?
  • I thought Pastor Joe did a phenomenal job preaching this past Sunday. I was greatly encouraged. If I were a working adult, I feel that this sermon would have owned me badly. These verses were some of my favorite (Matthew 6, Luke 12) and PJ’s exposition me greater understanding as to why I should not worry.
  • I started reading a book on dispensationalism that Mike Lee’s dad let me borrow. It’s by Charles Ryrie who I know holds controversial views, but since this is an introduction to a topic I know next to nothing about, I’m still giving him a go. I’m about 60 pages in and I’m consantly wondering, “Why was I never taught dispensational or covenant theology in my life? This is pretty important for understanding the bible. I’m already beginning to see everything differently.”
  • I started to use tumblr for quotes and videos that I find so I don’t overwhelm viewers on wordpress with content daily. I started it with a friend so we could share random thoughts and ideas when we’re separated in college. I’m expecting to update it nearly everyday with quotes and ideas; Tumblr makes it very convenient to post fast and often. Hopefully we’ll get some other guys on board. I seriously take a lot of joy in watching the high school guys grow.

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