Relative Success

I know I’ve spent hours upon hours in Maplestory. I don’t really regret it and a comeback is still plausible although not probable, at least for a while.

I must say, I’ve been slightly impressed with the sort of attention LordUhai has gotten over the internet. At times it makes me disgustingly prideful and at others I look back and wonder why I invested so much time in the game. Needless to say, let’s crunch some video numbers.

Level 120 video
Time: 5:38
Views: 30,911
Total time I’ve passed in people’s lives: 174,131.96 minutes

Level 130 video
Time: 5:14
Views: 60,767
Total time I’ve passed in people’s lives: 318,013.96 minutes

Level 140 video
Time: 7:50
Views: 49,431
Total time I’ve passed in people’s lives: 387,209.5 minutes

Level 150 video
Time: 4:00
Views: 66,985
Total time I’ve passed in people’s lives: 267,940 minutes

Total time I’ve passed in people’s lives: 1,147,295.42 minutes

If my math is right, that is 796 days which is over two total years of straight video play.

By most measure, especially in terms of Maplestory and more specifically, marksmen, this is great. Bowmen were never a popular class and I hope to have helped build a better image for the one and only class that I have ever truly enjoyed playing in its entirety. I hope I made a positive impact on the community even though the game is about twenty times easier to play now than when I regularly logged hours. Thanks to you guys this blog has been a relative success, with over 10% of the 208k viewers coming to visit this blog. Hopefully you have been able to take away more than just information about marksmen, especially in the recent months.

Hm, I’ve been wondering what to do with this blog for a while so for now, I’m going to be going through my “top 3” of random things, well, at least until I run out of things to think of.

Feel free to drop suggestions for the top 3~


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  1. aaronchoi says:

    I have absolutely no idea what this was about.

  2. jinkpoon says:

    For goodness sake! O___O

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