Top 3 Sermons I Heard this Summer

Okay, every sermon I listened to this summer was beneficial in one sense or another. At the beginning of summer I heard a great message from John MacArthur on the ministry of Jesus titled “The Scandal of Grace“. There was another good message from Mark Dever titled “The Importance on the Local Church“. At my home church, our interim pastor, Joe Pursch, presented an encouraging series on what it means to not worry in anxious times.

However if I had to play favorites (which I obviously will for the sake of the concept of ‘Top 3’), I would pick a three-part series that Paul Washer gave at MCTS. Most people are familiar with Washer by his hard sayings and his blunt and borderline offensive statements. Surprisingly enough, these three sermons deal much more with teaching and exhortations to aspiring pastors and ministry workers.

I myself am currently not an aspiring seminary student but the teaching here was incredibly beneficial to my soul. These are messages that I will no doubt listen to again. Here they are with the appropriate download link.

  1. Training Young Men for Ministry :: Paul Washer
  2. The Suffiency of Scripture in Ministry :: Paul Washer
  3. Teaching for Young Men Going into Ministry :: Paul Washer

If you choose to listen, my hope is that it will help you as much as it helped me. Tis’ good stuff.

P.S. This was also really encouraging to me.


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