The Two Sides of Hebrews 11

HT: Winfred Luong

Okay, honestly I thought this was a bit of a joke because Winfred opened up our conversation like this (Winfred, I apologize for publishing this without your permission),

aznwinterfresh05: 1:45-1:54
aznwinterfresh05: if you want to see greg ginn again
aznwinterfresh05: xD
For those who don’t know me on a very intimate basis, Greg Ginn was a tremendous encouragement, role model, and mentor to myself and my friend Josh. He’s a student at SBTS and is the Asian guy praying when the video pans. The rest of the conversation went something, well exactly, like this.
aunttonyx3: wow.
aunttonyx3: -_- you would
aznwinterfresh05: haha it was on accident
aznwinterfresh05: it came through a blog
aznwinterfresh05: and then
aznwinterfresh05: what do you know
aznwinterfresh05: >.<
aznwinterfresh05: AND
aznwinterfresh05: it’s a good sermon
aunttonyx3: haha greg’s blog?
aznwinterfresh05: haha google reader
aznwinterfresh05: i emailed greg
aznwinterfresh05: to let him know he was in there
aznwinterfresh05: xD
aznwinterfresh05: (i would >.<)
aznwinterfresh05: because there’s no reason for him to watch it if he was present
aunttonyx3: haha
aunttonyx3: that’s so random.
aznwinterfresh05: haha why do i even IM you and josh
aznwinterfresh05: if i’m going to get laughed at xD
aznwinterfresh05: (i’m not really offended xD)
aunttonyx3: i’m kidding
aunttonyx3: do you listen to all the chapel messages?
aznwinterfresh05: that’s the first one i’ve ever listened to haha
aunttonyx3: ohh
aznwinterfresh05: yeah haha
aznwinterfresh05: but it’s good so i encourage you to listen to it (not only because i spotted greg ginn >.<)
It’s encouraging in itself to know that while I was most likely playing Maplestory on Saturday night before church my senior year of high school, some of my peers at that age spend it in earnest pursuit of the knowledge of God. I’m glad that he informed me because I forgot to re-subscribe to Justin Taylor’s blog when it moved to the Gospel Coalition where this message was reposted. Here it is.


Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “SBTS – Resources – Hebrews 11“, posted with vodpod

He says a lot of good things that young men and women, not only seminary students, need to hear. He brings up great points. One of the things that struck me most was when he said,


There are things in your life that are morally neutral that will absolutely destroy you if you are not careful.

How true is that! One rarely looks and carefully examines issues that are “morally neutral”, yet they can be the things that in the end bring us down. These morally neutral issues (whatever you discern them to be in your own life) can become morally jeopardizing if not dealt with properly.

What a challenging way to end an otherwise eventful day filled with climbing fences and provoking fellowship.



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