This Reminded me of Intentional Dudes

This past weekend, I attended an event called “Intentional Dudes”. The goal of the event was to help all the guys in the college ministry at Berean Community Church to interact on a casual level. It was a time to cultivate relationships through prayer and football, and I think it served its purpose well.

Well, this link for an article showed up randomly on my tumblr, so I thought I would share it. I think our football game might have exceeded the statistics stated in the piece solely because it takes what feels like an eternity to tackle John Tang.

Football Games have 11 Minutes of Action

I love watching football. I like playing football. Now I’m not sure whether it’s an utter waste of time. I would like to see the average statistics for a basketball game and tennis match. Because basketball stops the clock, I think they are actually playing 48 minutes of basketball unless I’m forgetting some obvious rule. I realize now that there are a lot of breaks in tennis, but surely there is more playing time than football.

I’m looking forward to the Saints vs. Vikings game next week.


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