That stands for “reason to be happy”. It’s a high school thing.

I’ve only been home for three days, but what a splendid time it has been so far. I can scarce think of any other way I’d have liked to spend my break and things are only looking up. I’m not the kind of person who likes to blog about their daily encounters, but there have been a lot of fruitful and refreshing instances that I have to be grateful for. Here goes:

  • The first familiar face I saw was good ol’ Willie Tseng, who picked me up from the airport. We went straight to La Favorita, which isn’t famous nor is it known for anything in particular, but it was quite the stuffer. I love all-you-can-eat chips and salsa and catching up with Sacramento kids as a collective (includes Mike, Tammy, and Josh). I feel like I always perk up a bit when I come home.
  • This is what I received via text at La Favorita:
    LoyLocke: Don’t make plans to drive. Van broke yesterday.
    AnthonyLocke: Whaaaaaaat?
    LoyLocke: Sliding door fell off track.
    Since then, our car has been fixed so I can drive again. PTL.
  • I honestly think my sister is the only person who ever really misses me when I leave for any amount of time. She is a persistent and smelly roommate/alarm clock in the morning, but I am grateful that the first thing I see when I wake up is her in the crib. I’m not going to lie, I wish she wouldn’t wet her diaper every night but I suppose this is God sanctifying me in a unique way. My first activity is changing soiled diapers in the morning… character building for sure.
  • One of the best memories of break was watching my mother and my sister roll around in hysteria watching the tickle-me-elmo.
  • Seeing high school friends is always fun, especially those I have not seen for an extended period of time. Times are certainly changing (i.e. Morgan Komure is driving!) but I’m glad some things never do (i.e. John Cooper’s sense of humor). BJ’s is always good.
  • Kina Gannis’ CD “Stairwells” is competing for my affections with the t4g pastoral choir. Thanks Morgan!
  • The Sunday sermon was fantastic in many senses. Dr. George Fox brought a much needed message to my soul especially as I head to the next quarter. It was titled “The Sin Satan Loves” – lashen hara or diabolos, the sin of gossip and slander. I never understood the gravity of speaking against someone until he brought up a reference from a Jewish scholar who in summary said something like this: “Mordechai Gafni, tells us the Talmud itself suggests that committing adultery on the altar of an idolatrous temple on Yom Kippur while eating a ham sandwich does not begin to approach the severity of the prohibition against gossip and slander!” As you can imagine, that was quite the attention grabber. There was a lot to consider, that words said in passing end up before the throne of God as a vile offense. The presentation was excellent and I left with a greater view of God as the judge I so often try to usurp in contempt for His law. If you have time you can listen here.
  • I learned you can double wrap your Chipoltle burrito with two tortillas at no additional cost. Thanks for the memo, Chris Lee.
  • Talking with old friends is such an encouragement. I was glad to see how friends like Ryan Chang are approaching the break in light of what they’re learning. I also enjoyed hanging out with Winson Luong for a couple hours in the church office like old days.
  • I seriously love the grand piano at church. After an entire quarter of playing on a keyboard (for which I am grateful), I had forgotten the power and feel of the real thing.
  • My brother’s steak was good. I like taking a break from cooking.
  • The cast of speakers for this week has me excited to witness grace manifested in those close to me. My brother is giving the encouragement on Wednesday for Soldiers and Willie is speaking on Friday for college group. I’m also grateful for the opportunity to minister briefly to my old high school campus, which has helped inclined my heart to think much of the resurrection during the past few days as I prepare.
  • I was reminded that John Cooper is a very interesting person to go shopping with. It is by grace that we found pants that make him look trendier. I bought a couple of things which means no more shopping until Black Friday!
  • I got my hair cut. No more emo-hair-flip for me.
  • I found C.S. Lewis’ “Christian Reflections” in the church library while I was perusing the shelves. I’ve read through a couple of the essays so far and they have challenged me to think beyond what common sense may say. It is a much better investment of my time than the new Pok’emon game I considered buying.

Home is definitely where the heart is.

P.S. SOTM was updated. I listened to “Heritage of Holiness” and “The Christian Husband” since the 17th.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. bmchoo says:

    Thanks for the *MEEMO, Chris Lee.

    No pedometer for you…
    Magikarp should be enough Pokemon for a week or so.


  2. LAUREL says:

    loved reading your post :) your break sounds productive, which is great! and i like the second to last one… now maybe your hairstyle is what esther lee wants ;)

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