I wrote this while flying from Sacramento to Irvine. A lot of things began running through my mind as my plane flew over California and so I wrote a couple things down. One thing led to another, so it goes off in all sorts of directions. I’m glad I was able to type it to capture the heart of the moment. It’s sort of strange but I like to talk to myself. These thoughts are my own, but perhaps they can encourage you as well to ponder while flying. Your mind will surely take you to destinations much higher than your plane can ever hope to land. Praise God for the new Acer that my Dad randomly bought and has no use for!


Flying demands reflection. It provides perspective into the insignificance of human life, the idea that we are but grass thrown into the fire or a breeze that is but a moment over the roaring waves. While driving, you are still at the center of the universe for everything still seems to revolve around you, but an aerial view forces you to consider majesty. Everything is so small, whether houses or interstate freeways yet so often life is lived as if the world revolves around the individual. Even the mountains that you often look upon with awe are small hills that look like cracks in the pavement rather than the behemoths they appear to be when you stand at the foot of the hill. Your life – what is it worth? Do you realize how small you are in the midst of this world? The eye reveals that there are endless plots of lands and housing communities. Small lights pepper the coastline as the sun begins to set, flickering as a testimony to the abundance of human achievement – the futility of life apart from Christ. Does not all of this seem to cry, “Vanity of vanities; observe the pursuit of man after what cannot be found. Imagine how tiny you must appear before a holy God, yet He knows your name! He knew you from the foundations of the world. What an extraordinary truth, that a self-sufficient God who does not need anyone, much less a wretched sinner, seeks and saves the lost from the beginning of time and allows the likes of you to delight in Him. Why do you live so selfishly when it is so clear that there is a greater purpose to be served, to give renown, praise, and glory to the one who created everything, to the one who not merely considers but passionately loves you! Does not He know how many hairs are on your head? Though your performance has minimal impact in the great scheme of things, God still takes pleasure in your pitiful efforts, for that precious blood, as of a lamb unblemished and spotless, the blood of Christ was spilt to save you from your sins. From this plane you have a greater sense of how far the east is from the west, and so far has He removed His transgression from your soul. You are a jar of clay yet you possess the most incredible treasure which God has, in grace and mercy, placed in you after removing that rock this world calls a heart. Christ in me is to live, amen? Don’t become so enamored by death that you forget the blessings of this life, though to die grants the believer joy indescribable. Today marks the beginning of Passion Week. Will you reflect on the imputed purity granted to you through this week’s events? This alien righteousness as Luther calls it, is becoming increasingly apparent with every passing moment this plane is airborne. And… aw shoot, the attendant just announced we’ll be arriving soon so all electronics off.

Reminder to self: Always grab a window seat.


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  1. joyce says:

    wow anthony i love this. amazing. great reminder of who christ is and who we are…. beautiful. Thank you for reminding me of my reason why i breathe, why i live, and why i love. yes, christ in me is to love….and oh how alive i have become because it is not me living, but the Christ who prompts me and moves me and loves me. God bless!! :]]

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