2010 Awards: Top CD’s

This has been an awesome year. I usually take mid-December or so to reflect on the year and think upon the abundance of blessings God has given and shown me before I set goals for next year. There is a lot to be thankful for so I set up a list of topic to cover over the next couple of weeks. If you found yourself in love with the same things as myself, feel free to leave a comment or shoot me a message! 

  1. Top 3 CD’s
  2. Top 5 Blogs
  3. Top 5 Books
  4. Top 5 Songs
  5. Top 5 Youtube Videos
  6. Top 3 NBA highlights
  7. Top 5 Quotes
  8. Top 5 Youtube Covers/Originals
  9. Top 5 mp3 Sermons
  10. Top 3 Events


I love music. Song has the unique ability to unite the mind to the heart and elicit otherwise non-existent sentiments. I confess it is rare for me to enjoy an entire CD but 2010 was gracious to me and I found a few gems. I do not think all of these CD’s were produced in 2k10, but they none the less, have found a permanent residence in my iPod. These three represent CD’s that I have for the most part, whole-heartedly enjoyed. The Top 5 Song list probably will not have any songs from these CD’s. Here they are, from third to first!

3. Keith & Kristyn Getty _ In Christ Alone

Much thanks to Mike Chen for giving this away as a prize at the Youth Worship Workshop. Not only did I leave with some limited electric guitar skills, but this awesome CD that I always wanted but was too stingy to purchase. I love listening to hymns, especially those with pleasant piano playing. It is stuff like this that qualifies as driving-worthy music. I really like: Beneath the Cross, Speak O Lord, and In Christ Alone. Here’s one of my favorite songs on the CD.

2. Kina Grannis _ Stairwells

Here my gratitude extends to Morgan Komure who let me borrow his copy of this CD. Sure these songs are more likely to incline my heart toward unhealthy sentimental emotions, but I love Kina’s voice and the instrumentals. Some choice songs include: World in Front of Me, Cambridge, and Valentine. Again, here is one of my favorites.

1. Together for the Gospel Live _ Sovereign Grace Music – Bob Kauflin

This CD is unbelievable. One of the chief reasons why I wanted to go to the T4G conference was to be a part of such rich worship. Think! To declare such awesome truth with thousands of faithful men – I can scarce imagine a greater privilege. I will save the story as to why I missed the conference for another time but for now, I must settle for the audio recording. Everything is here: excellent piano, rich lyrics, and voices that give me a glimpse into heaven. I can listen to this doing anything – janitor work, working out, you name it. Some songs include a Scripture reading that really set the tone for worship. I cannot imagine this CD getting knocked off the top anytime in the near future. I do not have any favorites from this CD.


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