2010 Awards: Top 10 Songs

This has been an awesome year. I usually take mid-December or so to reflect on the year and think upon the abundance of blessings God has given and shown me before I set goals for next year. There is a lot to be thankful for so I set up a list of topic to cover over the next couple of weeks. If you found yourself in love with the same things as myself, feel free to leave a comment or shoot me a message! 

  1. Top 3 CD\’s
  2. Top 5 Blogs
  3. Top 5 Books
  4. Top 5 Songs
  5. Top 5 Youtube Videos
  6. Top 3 NBA highlights
  7. Top 5 Quotes
  8. Top 5 Youtube Covers/Originals
  9. Top 5 mp3 Sermons
  10. Top 3 Events


As mentioned earlier, a large part of my life revolves around music. I remember reading a chapter in “A Serious Call” about adding song to morning devotions because it uniquely joins heart and mind to offer a pleasing word to our Father. Just like everyone else, I use music for different reasons: to increase my love for God, to be (unfortunately at times) overly sentimental, and to pump myself up before some kind of sporting event. Knowing myself, an overwhelming majority of the time I prefer pretty slow serene songs. I know previous posts said “top 5” songs but upon reflection, there has been too many good pieces to summarize a year with such shallowness. Here are the top 10, the CD of 2010, in more or less their proper order.

10. The Father’s Love, by Sovereign Grace

I am glad that the CBM ministry picked such a doctrinally sound and upbeat theme song this year. I love the first verse which contrasts our wretched state with the power of the Gospel. The second verse is an affirmation of the great promises found in Christ. The chorus echoes a timeless truth. It is an excellent AND fun (whatever that means) song.

9. The Stand, by Anthony Evans

This was the theme song from CBM camp a number of years ago. It has always been a favorite so I fell in love when I heard Anthony Evan’s rendition. I do not want to stereotype when I say that African Americans have very ‘soulful’ voices, but … I am going to stereotype. I love this song on a number of levels: as a musician and worship leader, it builds well; as a worshipper, the climax of the song summarizes an appropriate response to the Gospel.

8. Nine Songs to Save the World, by Norwegian Recycling

If I was in high school, I would probably listen to this before a tennis match or basketball game. It is an upbeat, bass-heavy, and well-produced medley – something you could definitely dance to … for fun or in a club. I confess the lyrics are not the best (certainly not the worst, but that is of little consolation) which should instantly kick it off this list … but as a sinner … well yeah. Here is the song to the Naruto exams because the original video is pretty sketchy. Narutards, feel free to enjoy the Chunin exams again!

7. May the Words of My Mouth, by Shane and Shane

This is a beautiful guitar rendition by Shane and Shane and may be a top three praise song for me. By “top,” I mean the lyrics really incline my heart to love God in its intense simplicity and complexity. I love to sing and play it. The Gospel and its goals go forth powerfully in this song … and it is straight out of the Bible. I would say that this is my favorite shower song.

6. Invasion/Hero, by Trip Lee ft. Jai

My friend showed me this song because it was apparently in the running for being a top music video on a secular TV station. I am on the fence concerning Christian R&B but for some reason this song sticks. It is Christ-centered and Biblically edifying. I love the chorus! Whenever I want a study break or need a good video to wake myself up, I go here. I like grooving to this song … I think Sharon, Beatrice, and Denise can testify to that when we were studying in the UCI Student Center.

5. Giving it Away (acoustic), by Mae; For You are Holy, by Sovereign Grace

The reason why these two songs are together is because they affect me similarly in this way: whenever they come up on shuffle I have a lot of trouble skipping them. They bring a sense of peace, largely due no doubt, to the slow piano acoustic feel. Listening to them while writing this post makes me want to trust the Lord to grant His peace. Giving it Away is one of those ambiguous Christian songs while many of you have probably heard You are Holy sung in church.

4. Two is Better than One, by Boys like Girls ft. Taylor Swift

Cliche. Sappy. Sue me. I have always liked Boys like Girls and (selectively) Taylor Swift. This song is clean, cute, and almost Biblical … maybe two is better than one. I like slow songs that build and it even has a personal favorite, a short catchy instrumental in the middle. This is a hard song to skip on shuffle …

3. I Will Rise, by Chris Tomlin

I love everything about this song: Christ-centered lyrics that highlight the promises of the Gospel, a good combination of piano and strings, and a build to a punctuating chorus yet a soft conclusion. This is an emotional song that I like to sing to myself on the piano.

2. Best of Me, by Michael Buble

I heard this live. Wedding song. Nuff’ said.

1. All I have is Christ, by Jordan Kauflin

Okay, I know I said that all of the other explicitly Christian songs on this list were Christ-exalting, this one takes the case. It is the Gospel sung clearly with a refrain that has made me cry on numerous occasions. Emotions is not what necessarily gets a song to #1; this simply reinforces what William Tell said, that doctrine and heart may unite to sing an anthem bound in truth with emotion. Everything flows the indicative that is the chorus. Praise God for song.


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