2010 Awards: Top 5 Youtube Videos

This has been an awesome year. I usually take mid-December or so to reflect on the year and think upon the abundance of blessings God has given and shown me before I set goals for next year. There is a lot to be thankful for so I set up a list of topic to cover over the next couple of weeks. If you found yourself in love with the same things as myself, feel free to leave a comment or shoot me a message! 

  1. Top 3 CD\’s
  2. Top 5 Blogs
  3. Top 5 Books
  4. Top 5 Songs
  5. Top 5 Youtube Videos
  6. Top 3 NBA highlights
  7. Top 5 Quotes
  8. Top 5 Youtube Covers/Originals
  9. Top 5 mp3 Sermons
  10. Top 3 Events


If I am not in a book or playing the guitar/piano, I am usually perusing Youtube for good song covers or sermon clips. There will be a post dedicated to covers  I left myself to decide between everything not musically related. This selection encompasses all genres, from funny to serious – these are the gems I have enjoyed in the ever-expanding world of Youtube. Here are the top five videos of the year, in no particular order.

“Black Eyed Peas IGotta’ Feeling on Oprah Chicago”

When this video first came out it made me so happy. I am still not too sure why this always makes me smile – perhaps its the unity, maybe it is the surprise factor, or even that they are dancing! It is probably a combination of all three. This is especially awesome because we learned this dance and did it at dear friend and boss, Byron Yee’s wedding. This was a lot of fun to learn which makes this video even more awesome!

The Judgement Seat of Christ – Leonard Ravenhill

This is the spark note version of a future post listing the top five audio sermons I would pass on to the Christian community. I found the sermon through this clip. It is powerful and laden with truth – I watch it whenever my heart becomes callous and apathetic as a reminder to strive for holiness. This has been a tremendous encouragement and exhortation for my soul.

Nothing Left Unsaid

This was a well done short video from Kurt Hugo Schneider. It is pretty tacky but the acting is good and has a (in my opinion) a predictably cute ending. It is also witty! I enjoyed it … I cannot say the same for all of you but it makes the top five!

The Glory of God – Reidhead

If I find myself struggling to find joy in the Gospel I often need a reminder of the its true purpose. This is a powerful excerpt from a powerful sermon. I always leave the internet wanting to praise God and serve Him. On a side note, the internet is truly a tool that can be redeemed, even Youtube. It has been a crucial component to the development of my convictions and strengthening of my faith. It has more often than not served as a reminder while my heart has been callous and I thank God for such easy access to truth proclaimed authoritatively.

The Fire by Nate Pfeil

If you want to feel uncomfortable, this will serve nicely. Youtube primarily serves as a place where I can become spiritually refreshed and challenged. There are so many ways to be challenged by the internet. I recently favorited a video on Biblical contradictions because it encouraged me to delve into the inerrancy of Scripture.  My exhortation is for Christians to redeem the internet, to wield it as a resource and a tool rather than a black hole that sucks in your time and only gratifies the flesh. There is so much tasteless garbage and humor that often comes at the expense of others on the internet. Clips like this one make me glad that there are online ministries, some which have spurred me on more than even I know. Seriously, PTL.

P.S. Because this was so epic (and recent) … I have to add this as an honorary mention


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