2010 Awards: Top 5 Youtube Covers/Originals

This has been an awesome year. I usually take mid-December or so to reflect on the year and think upon the abundance of blessings God has given and shown me before I set goals for next year. There is a lot to be thankful for so I set up a list of topic to cover over the next couple of weeks. If you found yourself in love with the same things as myself, feel free to leave a comment or shoot me a message!


  1. Top 3 CD\’s
  2. Top 5 Blogs
  3. Top 5 Books
  4. Top 5 Songs
  5. Top 5 Youtube Videos
  6. Top 3 NBA highlights
  7. Top 5 Quotes
  8. Top 5 Youtube Covers/Originals
  9. Top 5 mp3 Sermons
  10. Top 3 Events


Disclaimer: I am not sure if I am going to go out of order or just skip a couple of these steps. Obviously I am behind with this and am considering writing another long overdue series. We shall see! Top 5 sermons is coming soon regardless!

If you guys did not know, I love music. I have great respect for people who can put their own creative spin on a popular song. I have the utmost respect for those who can write their own music. One of the more trivial things I would like to do before I die is to produce a musical score with all the instruments played by me. Alas, for now I must be content looking for gems and musical inspiration. Here are the five things I enjoyed the most this past year in no particular order.

Teenage Dream by Boyce Avenue

I am a big fan of the piano. Alejandro puts a very nice acoustic spin on a rather racy song. He changes the lyrics so that the song becomes more meaningful. Great dynamics and voice, you can not ask for more than that!

I Will Follow You into the Dark by AJ Rafael

I actually had never heard this song before AJ Rafael’s cover. I am glad that his version will forever be the original in my mind. Like the previous cover, there is a solid complementary piano arrangement to a good voice. I really like the lyrics although heaven and hell will never be satisfied as characterized by this song.

Canon in D Improvisation #10 by Kyle Landry

Usually whey I want to practice my piano improv I play the Canon in D chord progression and let my hands run wild. It is pretty cool to never be able to play the same thing twice. Kyle Landry helps me see a lot of the possible creative options with a series of simple chords. There are ten of them but this one is my favorite.

Don’t Want an Ending by Sam Tsui

I really like the lyrics of this original song. The video was well made, as expected from Kurt. It has a good beat, good lyrics, and a decent pop feel. Yeah, I am sort of a sap. Sue me.

Home by Tyler Ward and Eppic

Tyler Ward has a lot of good stuff. He is one of my favorite guys to watch because his covers are musically top notch. This one however is an original Christian song that he wrote with his friend Eppic. This is actually one of the few songs I bought on iTunes all of last year. I like to pull this up when I walk to class.




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