2016 Reading List

People, for whatever reason, sometimes ask me for book recommendations. I am usually really bad at tracking what I have read in a year, so below will be an attempt to list the books I am working through and have finished in 2016. I used to not track the books I read in a year for fear of pride, but reading has become such a natural instinct to me that I am confident my goal here is to serve the community. This also acts as an indirect form of accountability and an avenue for conversations with both friends and strangers. Once a book is finished, I will write a brief blurb on the kind of person who might appreciate the work.

Regardless if whether you find something helpful on here or not, I encourage you to “Tolle lege,” or “take up and read,” not for your glory, but for God’s glory.

Currently Reading:

  1. Pilgrim’s Progress by John Bunyan
  2. Praying the Bible by Donald Whitney
  3. Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life by Donald Whitney
  4. George Muller – Delighted in God by Roger Steer
  5. Finally Free by Heath Lambert
  6. Christian Theology by Millard Erickson
  7. God’s Greater Glory by Bruce Ware
  8. Managing God’s Money – a Biblical Guide by Randy Alcorn
  9. The Triple Package – How Three Unlikely Traits Explain the Rise and Fall of Cultural Groups in America by Amy Chua & Jed Rubenfeld
  10. Thinking Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman



*On the left are the gifts I got for Christmas from my dad’s side of the family! Let’s hope I can get to all of the books this year.